Couple Goals

Last night I prayed. I prayed to God to help me find a relationship as strong and loving as my parents.

Okay, so here’s the story.

It was a scolding August day in 1981. First day of 7th grade for my parents. The day their love story DIDN’T begin, in fact in my Dad’s yearbook from 1981 my mother’s face is scratched out. HE claims SHE did it, SHE claims an EX did it, but, they both mutually agree it could have been my Uncle Bo.  They did become friends on that fateful day though, the only problem with some friends is they move. Like my Mom, she was always moving around thanks to my Grandmothers’antics. They’d stay in a spot for a month or two and then move on. Usually always ending up with my Great-Grandmother and her other 9 kids (not an exaggeration, you can take that fact to the bank) not to mention the endless cousins ALWAYS around. Folks would have thought my Granny was running an orphanage  if they didn’t know any better. That’s a different story, don’t worry I’ll get to it. Anyway, inevitably my mom moved. Not out of state, or town for that matter, just out of the school district. Let’s flash forward now, it’s Spring 1989 nearly a year after graduation for my parents. My mom comes to get my Aunt from my Uncle Bo’s. {I feel the need to pause and explain for just a bit. My Uncle Bo is in no way a blood relative but, he is one of my dad’s best friends and life long neighbor.} My aunt was dating my dad’s bestie at the time, my Uncle Johnny. My Uncle Johnny is actually my uncle, by law, as he and my aunt ended up getting married and still are.  So of course my dad living just next door was at Bo’s with my aunt and uncle hanging out. When my mom walked through the door and saw her old friend sitting there it wasn’t long before the hours had passed and they had spent most of the evening catching up. As my mom and aunt where leaving Bo mentioned to my dad that he should walk them to the car, my dad’s shy so he declined at first until Bo said he’d do it, my dad jumps up and walks them to the car. There he asks my mom out and the rest is history. They where married on April 3rd, 1993 and are still just as in love as they where that day. The last 3 years have been hard on them, my mom found a job in the Capitol where I live where she makes great money and is happy. They’ve honestly wanted to move back here since they left to raise my brother and I. It was my brothers 10th grade year however, his 11th year at the same school.(Small town, small school) She didn’t want to make him leave all his friends and teachers he’s always had, so my dad offered to stay with him during the week and come down on the weekends. They kept our house there (dubbed the Lake House)  and found an apartment to rent here. My dad is working on setting up his own business but, has been working with two friends there doing construction and odd jobs around town to keep him busy during the week. The plan was to get my brother through high school and he’d move. But, he got involved with “one last project” with his buddies which has taken much longer than anticipated. So he still is only here on the weekends. Yesterday being Valentine’s Day, my mom was pretty bummed. Her forever valentine wasn’t going to be here with her this year and the day was just going all wrong to boot. She was late for work because she got stuck behind a school bus, not too late, just 11 minutes. It still through her off, our lunch plans feel through because of an impromptu meeting at work. She stayed at work for 11 extra minutes to make up for the morning to have a full 8 hours under her belt. Everyday on the way home she calls my dad to tell him about her work day but, yesterday he called her first. He asked what she was doing, “Driving home” she said, and told him about her crappy day. He said he was sorry and that he loved her and would talk to her before bed. -Pause for a minute, It’s a 3 hour drive from the lake house to here. It’s hills, curves, traffic, and just plain awful. Okay continue.- So my mom gets home to an empty house, and backs into the drive like she does everyday. She sits for a minute releasing her stress because she has a thing about not bringing negative work energy into the house. Homes are for relaxing and not worrying about things that can’t be controlled. She sits for just a few minutes and gets out. As she shuts the car door she looks up to see my dad’s car pull into the driveway. That’s right, my dad drove 3 hours just to see her for Valentine’s Day. Drove 3 hours just to turn around this morning at 5AM to drive back for work. 3 hours just to take her to dinner like he has every year for the last 26 years. Next year will be 25 years of marriage and they are still honeymooners every time they see each other. So last night, I prayed. I prayed the lord would help me find someone to treat me the way my Father treats my Mother, to love me so unconditionally that we can have a strong relationship through anything. I prayed for guidance away from the jerks I’ve had in the past, for patience, and the will to know the things I can change from those I can’t. For a once in a lifetime, couldn’t ask for more love. Just like my parents. To my Mom and Dad, thank you for always showing me how to love and not to give up. You never know who may be your always, maybe you’ve already meet and didn’t think twice about them at the time. Maybe they’re still out there just like you hoping that someday, they’ll find you. Never give up, never stop hoping. Always believe it’s never over, love is everywhere. You just have to know how to spot it through the bad.



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