Google search broken. Here’s what you’ll find:

-violently separated into parts

-damaged or altered by or as if by breaking

-made weak or infirm

-not working properly

-not complete or full

So here’s my question. How do you fix a ‘broken’ person? How do you help them when they break? When they cry for hours without stop, screaming one moment and too quite the next. They seemed fine yesterday, they laughed and joked just like always, yesterday they weren’t broken. But, they were. They’ve been hiding it too long, no one suspected. No one knew. So what do I do? I rack my brain. For hours I sit and think about how to help, what I want when I feel broken. I’ve got it. I hug them, tight and solid, something to hold them when they feel like they’re falling. Doesn’t work, they don’t want to be touched. There has to be something I can do. There has to be. When I’m broken what do I do? I lose myself in music. OF COURSE! That will help. This person is just like me in every way. We’re so similar we could be twins. We even look alike. I find the song. My song, I listen to when I’m lost and no one seems to understand me. It literally tells me to keep my head up high, that without a sense of purpose you’re lining up to fail. Where are all these tears coming from? Is that me? I was meant to be helping them… I look again, ‘they’ stare back at me through the shards scattered across the counter and floor.. I look down, knuckles bloody and aching. The mirror is broken. I look through to ‘them’ and the world falls back into place as I find my own eyes staring back. They look sad and confused. How could I not know it was me who was broken all along? How am I too fix myself? How do I begin?

Why, am I so broken.

Google search broken. Here’s what you’ll find:


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